Rescue Yourself with an online life coaching program


This is a unique opportunity that includes a guided meditation to help you

  • heal your old patterns and traumas/stuck emotions

  • rethink about your life

  • rebalanced your chakras

  • connect with your purpose of life


It’s my own methodology and I combined a variety of coaching tools and healings therapy (reiki, access bars, guided meditation, high-frequency sounds) to improve your sense of wellness.

*You don’t need to have a specific religion or belief! The most important thing is to believe in a big force that creates life and of course believe in yourself, that your body/mind is intelligent enough to tell you what they need and like. I am just a facilitator (channel/tool) that help you to listen and heal your body, emotion, and mind. 

The most important aspects is your beliefs. Everyone has the power of healing and create new possibilities to live more connected with your own purpose.


Text (614) 736-3859 or e-mail to schedule your free session to understand how this work and if match with you.

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